Friday, November 27, 2009

Megan fox pictures. S e x y stuff.

Megan fox pictures. Extra Pictures:

megan fox picturesmegan fox picturesmegan fox pictures
So my friend is really on my nerves! What should I do without hurting? Okay so my friend copies EVERYTHING I do. It kind of freaks me out sometimes because shes like obsessed with me. (Im trying not to sound Cocky or vain I swear.) ' Be that as it may, as if I ' s bought the top and then she was like oh im it becomes too! ' s and then last year when we became friends in 8th grade, I was like ' l ' what school you go and it was like Notre Dame ... ' and I was like oh well Im going to chaparral. And the next day she was like guess what im going to chaparral! and then I tried d ' of ' squad dear, it does not even like cheerleading and now suddenly she wants to do ... and then when I got blonde highlights in her hair, too! So I dyed dark brown because I didn't want the same hairstyle as him and guess what ' she did! She dyed it dark brown. So, as I've ' s really green eyes and she is brown ... and she always told me how she was jealous of my eyes ... if she got green contacts! J ' And then I started to love my friend Aaron counsins, so now it ' s like!?!? Shes only met him like once! and I told him that I ' were growing my hair very long (Its pretty long right now you middle back but I wish that it ' or longer) and she just had like 3 inch cut his l ' last year and shes now own more and longer too! madi and this girl was really mean to me, and she wears tons of makeup, so that I ' was like watching the clowns Oh d ' escaped a circus ... and then everyone laughed Then she walked around the school ' say PPL to laugh when she ' n never really though of IT in the 1st place! and then, when the shock Trevor ' s head is shaved, I was like haha ' I ' d wonder what else he shaved ... so freakin do it ' s approached everyone said and everyone laughed and theyre like Emma ur so funny when she didn't even think about it! So I am bound d ' friendship with a senior leader quoted alley I've always admired ... Emmas and now as obsessed with the alley! ' and when I have stopped wearing eyeliner cuz I wanted a more natural look, too! Then j ' I started this detox diet thing cuz I wanted to lose 10 pounds (55 and Im 110 lbs) then the next thing ... it goes on it! (shes 58, 155 lbs.) Then j ' got a ring from Tiffanys PROMSE for Christmas and shes now get the same! Sheese and as obsessed by my older friends and its so annoying because they ' n still love it! It copies everything about me and its soo annoying. When I ' I received my eyebrows done, I Brough in a photo of Megan Fox bc thats how I wanted my own d ' be ... if she did the same freaking thing! j ' and when I started taking classes d ' drama now she does! its sooooooooo boring! and when I go through this phase where I wanted to be a model, she was like oh me too! and it makes me feel ill at ease ' because shes sooo always touch me .... and shes like ur so gorgeous blah blah blah .... I think shes such a lesbian. it copies all. all the music on my iPod photo captions under my myspace, the people I idolize that she idolizes ', ' when I got the Diorshow mascara, she got the Diorshow mascara, when I & # 39, I started to drink only water l ' Fiji, guess what she did ' !.... And the worst is that ' c ' she takes credit for all this! Sorry, I have written ' so Im just kinda annoyed and angry and Idk what to do .... advice? I know I like a drama filled beeotch annoying but im actually really nice im so irritated with Emma now
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